Steamworks Media might be an unfamiliar name, but our foundations are almost twenty years old. Driven Media was officially launched in the summer of 2007, but it’s roots date back to 1996 when Jim Thomson built his first website. At the same time, in 1998, Jeremiah Spoon began 3D Modeling, video production, and graphic design work for various companies in the Mohawk Valley in Upstate New York. Together, Jim  and Jeremiah realized that their strengths could be melded together to form a new company capable of filling the needs that our clients were asking for, and Steamworks Media was born. Of course, Steamworks would need more talent to help fulfill the many requests we receive from our clients, and as a result John McMillan partnered with us to assist in building more advanced websites, run our servers, and provide much needed technical assistance across the board.

Today, Steamworks Media stands ready to assist you with all of your media, web, and graphics needs. Our goal is to help your company succeed – and to look good doing it. Our satisfied clientele consist of businesses and non-profit groups whose services range from manufacturing to healthcare, and from crafting to helping those in need.

And the best part? You can put the piggy bank away – our rates are affordable!

Same People. New Name.

Jeremiah Spoon [Email] first dipped his toes into 3D Modeling at the age of sixteen years old. Five years later, he entered the workforce doing video production, graphic design, and branding. In 2008, Jeremiah began working with Jim Thomson at Driven Media to help build fresh new templates for Jim’s clients. Today, Jeremiah brings the rest of his skill set into the new Steamworks Media – to now offer clients what they’ve been asking for all along – for us to do more for them.

Jim Thomson [Email] has been coding websites since 1996. For many people, coding might be their job, but for Jim coding is a way of life. He’s always thinking about new ways to program feature requests and simply build better things. Jim always has great ideas for clients, and his focus on affordability and friendship has garnered a loyal clientele at Driven Media – and that focus continues today at Steamworks.

John McMillan [Email] has a particular outlook on life that can be summed up with six words: “Do it right the first time.” For over twelve years, John has pushed the envelope forward  in backend development while evangelizing the rule of “simple is better”. Today, John’s mission at Steamworks is to provide great server support while also helping clients meet their needs with fantastic features for their websites.

Cameron Sanborn has been taking photos since he was sixteen years old. With an eye towards detail and an affable personality, Cameron joined Steamworks with one goal: to help our clients look their best. Print and webwork require great photographs of businesses, what they sell, and who works there – and Cameron fulfills that goal.

Ryne Sanborn has an innate ability to combine words and designs in fresh ways. Quick to pick things up, Ryne’s able to not just meet client expectations, but exceed them. With Ryne, clean design isn’t an option – it’s a necessity – and his passion for perfection will lead not just to great work, but excited clients who are eager to work on the next project.